2018 Spring Party
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In the evening of February 8th, 2018, the Spring Party of Global Group with the theme of “Remain True and Keep moving” was held in Eurasia International Hotel. All the Global members were dressed up to the party.

In the party, our president Mr. Lau gave a comprehensive summary to the past 2017. Meanwhile, he pointed out the direction of 2018. We should remain true to our original aspiration and continue innovating and improving, then we can overcome the difficulties. Our leaders specify the developing direction for us, what we need to do is uniting together and work hard. We have loyalists who have spent their 10 or 20 years lives in Global.

After the speech and awards, we tasted the delicacies while enjoying the wonderful shows, which were performed by our own staffs.

2017 has become history. Let’s remain true and keep moving forward in 2018.