【Recommendation in Aug.2018】SOULBIO FN (Nonionic Softener) nonionic milky white flakes (slightly transparent flakes)

 Good hydrophilicity and antistaticity, low yellowing

Suitable for all kinds of fibers and fabrics,

【Recommendation in Aug.2018】Smooth Block Copolymer Silicone HQ-198 weak cationic pale yellow transparent liquid

Good stability, has good resistance of salt,

 Suitable for the smoothing 

【Recommendation in Aug.2018】 Fluffy Silicone for Velvet Fabric HS-360 weak cationic transparent liquid with blue light

It has outstanding softness, 

Suitable for the finishing of cotton, 

【Recommendation in July.2018】 SILICONE NQS-665 weak caionic pale yellow transparent liquid

Impart soft and smooth hand feel to fabric

 Suitable for cotton and its blended fabric


Suitable for hydrophilic and soft processing 
【Recommendation in July.2018】 SILICONE OP-9 weak caionic milky white liquid

OP-9 is multicomponent amino modified 

Suitable for the finishing of velvet fabric and

【Recommendation in May.2018】SILISOFT 180 weak cationic colorless transparent liquid

Impart excellent soft, fluffy, smooth and firm 

Suitable for the finishing of cotton, linen, chemical 

【Recommendation in Jul.2018】XPE-300 cationic pale yellow to yellow brown transparent liquid

Impart soft and fluffy hand feel to fabric 

 Suitable for cotton, linen, chemical fibre fabric 

【Recommendation in May.2018】OP-1 weak cationic milky white liquid

Good stability, can be used directly or after dilution, 

Suitable for the smoothing and brightening finishing 

【Recommendation in Jun.2018】XAQ-900 cationic yellow to yellow brown liquid
Impart soft,fluffy and smooth hand feel to abric


Has good resistance to electrolytes, alkali, hard water.

Suitable for cotton,TC and other synthetic fabrics 

【Recommendation in Apr.2018】SILISOFT 280 weak cationic colorless transparent liquid

 High concentration,Good liquidity, easily to 

Suitable for the softening finishing of cotton,linen,

【Recommendation in Mar.2018】NCM-988 weak cationic pale yellow transparent liquid

High concentration and can be used 
after diluted; Impart excellent cooling 
handle to fabric,Impart soft and smooth 
hand feel to cotton and its blended fabric,
Has good resistance of salt, alkali, 
high temperature and shearing,
Low yellowing,Can be used directly 
or formulated with other softeners

Suitable for cotton, Lycra cotton fabric,
polyester cotton,Has good effect on
denim fabric and coral velvet

【Recommendation in Mar.2018】NCM-688 weak cationic colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid

Superior resilience, good smoothness;
It will be bright and smooth 
on denim fabric;Make the colored 
fabrics reach the effect of deepening 
and brightening;Low yellowing, 
has no effect on the shade of fabric

Suitable for the fabrics such as
Lycra cotton, polyester/cotton,
cotton and denim

【Recommendation in Mar.2018】NQS-118 weak cationic pale yellow transparent liquid

Obtain a drape feeling and good 
smoothness;Excellent hydrophilicity, 
especially for sulfur black dyed fabric;
Can be re-dyed without removing 
the softener;Good stability, has 
good resistance of high temperature, 
shearing, salt and alkali;Low yellowing, 
has no effect on the shade of fabric

Widely used in sulfur black dyed fabric,
Lycra cotton fabric, polyester/cotton,
cotton and denim, etc.

【Recommendation in Jan.2018】FX nonionic/weak cationic pale yellow flakes

It is cost-effective on all kinds of core-spun yarn, 
plush, coral velvet and blended sweaters,
Has comprehensive hand feel.Impart resilient,
fluffy, smooth and delicate hand feel to fabrics;
Also impart fine hand feel to cotton,
polyester/cotton and chemical fiber Has 
excellent resistance of salt,alkali,high 
temperature and shear,low yellowing

Apply to the fabric that has strict requirements 
of shade and whiteness,especially for dyeing 
house Because of good hydrophilicity,it is suitable
for softening and antistatic finishing of printed cloth 
and leather substrates’sanding and napping

【Recommendation in Jan.2018】HQ-168 weak cationic pale yellow transparent liquid

 It is cost-effective on all kinds of core-spun yarn,
plush,coral velvet and blended sweaters,
Has comprehensive hand feel.Impart resilient,
fluffy, smooth and delicate hand feel to fabrics;
Also impart fine hand feel to cotton,
polyester/cotton and chemical fiber 
Has excellent resistance of salt,alkali, 
high temperature and shear,low yellowing

Especially suitable for resilient and smooth 
finishing of core-spun yarn,plush,coral velvet 
and sweater Also apply to resilient and smooth 
inishing of cotton,polyester/cotton and chemical fibre