XPE-300 cationic pale yellow to yellow brown transparent liquid

Impart soft and fluffy hand feel to fabric 
Good hydrophilicity and antistatic property
Especially for indigo denim garments and fabrics
It can effectively resist the influence of ozone
on the oxidation and fading of indigo dyes, 
prolong the shelf life of products Easily to be diluted

 Suitable for cotton, linen, chemical fibre fabric 
and indigo denim fabric, especially for the 
hand feel finishing of cotton and 
their blended denim fabric

XAQ-900 cationic yellow to yellow brown liquid
Impart soft,fluffy and smooth hand feel to abric
Impart excellent smoothness to yarns
Has antistatic resistance,can be used as fluffing agent

Has good resistance to electrolytes, alkali, hard water.
As a hydrophilic and cationic softener, it has antistatic
resistance and low yellowing.It is AEEA 
free and ecofriendly

Suitable for cotton,TC and other synthetic fabrics 
and yarns;it has good effect on denim and towel fabric

HRS-178 Nonionic Yellow liquid

Good hydrophilicity,anti-static 
and soil release properties .
Impart soft, smooth 
hand feel to chemical fibre

Suitable for moisture absorption 
and sweat releasing of polyester,
nylon and and blended fabrics. 
Aslo can improve softener 
and silicone hydrophilicity

ASL-158 Nonionic Yellow liquid

High dispersing effect,Prevents
re-deposition of indigo 
in washing process 

For an anti-back staining agent 
in the cotton and T/C fabric 
during washing process. 

AFA-700 cationic pale yellow transparent viscous liquid

Formaldehyde-free,meet the environmental 

Active,direct,vulcanized,acid and other dyes 


Anti Elasticity-Loss And Anti-Back Staining Agent AS-8 Nonionic White powder

Can activate the enzyme activity and 
improve denim fading;Has anti elasticity-loss effect 
to spandex fabric and superior anti 
staining effect to cotton and polyester/cotton.

 Suitable for cotton, polyester/cotton 
and spandex fabric, especially for
the anti-back staining with the spandex denim; 
Can be used in enzyme powder formulation 
and can also be used for desizing process 
as an anti-back staining agent.

Fluffing agent WS Cationic White or pale yellow with pearl colour viscous liquid

Improve the effect of the fabrics, such as the shearing strength, fluffiness, softness, and anti-static electricity,Super smoothness and elasticity hand feels.Get a fullness and thickness fell.

Softening and fluffing process of natural and synthetic fibre, cotton, wool and blended fabric.

High concentration hydrophilic softener PE-100/PE-200/PE-600 Cationic Pale yellow or yellowish brown viscous liquid

Low foaming
Excellent hydrophilic
Excellent antistatic

Softening and hydrophilic finishing of cotton, linen, silk and blended fabric.

Silicone thickening agent CS Nonionic Pale yellow translucent or transparent liquid

Increase thick purpose clear,
Thickening silicone emulsion can be stable in viscosity.

Designed for thickening of silicon emulsion.

Formaldehyde-free fixing agent HFA Cationic pale yellow or yellowish brown liquid

Any dilution with water, solid-color effect on the discoloration and feel does not affect.

Applied to fixing process of direct dye and reactive dye.

Bioscouring agent 829 Anionic white or pale yellow powder

Remove cotton seed shell, pectin, improve the capillary effect and whiteness,
high hydrophilicity,
Less damage to cotton fibre and less weight loss.

Applied to semi-bleaching process of cotton yarn and knitted fabric.