HRS-178 Nonionic Yellow liquid

Good hydrophilicity,anti-static 
and soil release properties.
Impart soft, smooth 
hand feel to chemical fibre


Suitable for moisture absorption
and sweat releasing of polyester,
nylon and and blended fabrics.
Aslo can improve softener and
silicone hydrophilicity

ASL-158 Nonionic Yellow liquid

High dispersing effect,Prevents
re-deposition of indigo 
in washing process

For an anti-back staining agent
in the cotton and T/C fabric
during washing process. 

Acid Cellulase KP-116 KP-118 C18 CE-3 CE-6  Cellulase Light yellow or brown yellow liquid

Fast biopolishing, Low weight loss and
low strength loss,pH:4.8-5.0

For biopolishing treatment of cotton, linen, 
blended fabric in order to get a smooth 
surface and line sharpness.

Neutral Cellulase N66 N88 N99 Cellulase Light yellow or yellow brown liquid

Low weight loss and strength loss,
Better color-retention,Bio polish 
and dye in the same bath.

For bio-polishing treatment of cotton, linen, 
cotton blended fabric in order to get a smooth 
surface and line sharpness.

Neutral Cellulase Powder Tep-7 Tep-11 Tep-15 SD-100  Cellulase White powder

Excellent abrasion effect,lower back-staining

Neutral cellulase powder is specially designed 
for denim washing to get a stone washed effect
with vivid contrast, softness, low back-staining.

Desizing enzyme WD-1 WD-10 WD-12 Amylase Yellow brown liquid

Wide temperature range.High desizing efficiency

For desizing woven fabric such as cotton, 
terylene/cotton, tencel, viscose, etc.

Catalase DO-101 DO-201 Catalase Light brown liquid

High-efficiency ,Wide pH (4.0-9.0) 
and wide temperature (35-55℃),Water saving.

For removing residual hydrogen peroxide 
after the bleaching of fabrics. 

Anti ELASTICITY-LOSS and anti-back staining agent AS-8 AS-6 Reserving powder White powder

Has anti-loss effect on spandex fabric, 
and it has effective anti-return effect 
on cotton and polyester cotton.

Can activate the enzyme activity, the use of yeast 
after wash effect is more outstanding, 
to cotton and polyester-cotton blended fabric 
with super reserving effect, especially in the cotton 
on reserving effect is stronger than the ordinary 
reserving powder; It can be used for the use
of the enzyme powder and can also be used 
in the anti-dyeing system in the process of desizing. 
Protective effect for spandex, especially for 
he anti-return touch of elastic jeans .

Super Efficient Anti-Back Staining Agent AB-5 AB-6 AB-7 Reserving powder White powder or milky white particles

Has a super anti-back effect on the fabric of
denim, and the anti-dyeing effect on cotton
and polyester is prominent


It has a strong anti-return effect on the fabric of denim,
and it is very effective on cotton and polyester cotton.
The activity of the active enzyme, which obviously
increases the effect of yeast, can be used
with the enzyme powder.